From the Mouths of the Middle Class

by Blessed Feathers



You can stream and buy (includes digital download) "From the Mouths of the Middle Class" here. If you just want a download, head to the Listening Party Records bandcamp instead, as they're providing pay-as-you-want downloads of the album.

Also, if you'd prefer a good old CD, Blessed Feathers are selling some CD-rs on their own Bandcamp page. Link below!

Some nice press:

Express Milwaukee:
"Like many of the best folk albums of the last decade, From the Mouths is an insular affair with a distinct sense of place. Berube and Beaupre self-recorded and self-produced it in their shared apartment over the course of the last winter, writing their songs separately then fleshing them out together with banjo, accordion, glockenspiel and flute and other instruments they had taught themselves to play."

Hot Lunch Collective:
"In short, it’s the kind of album that when put on you stop whatever you’re doing and reflect and prepare. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the transition from the excitement of summer to the somberness and beauty of fall. The sway created by the accordion and the tender hold of the gentle plunking banjo will take you on one of the more relaxing listening experiences of recent memory."

Shepherd Express:
"It's quite the album teaser, a Creole accordion-driven dirge that condenses the damned trip of the song title into an evocative two and a half minutes."

Friends With Both Arms:
"True to their natural aesthetic, the production with minimalistic - and the video, homemade. The sound: bonfire folk, the kind that’s warm and rustic- truthful and simple. It’s the kind of music that makes this Milwaukee band stand out as a band that blazes it’s own trail through a beaten path. This is travelling music."


released September 20, 2011



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Track Name: By Song Through the Americas
I took a trip across the Southern States
And I felt the heat sweat bead along my face

But we're lost in the woods
Trading thoughts for goods
And I would if I could
Oh I know that I should

I wish that I could hitch a ride
And pay my bills at the same time

I spent the last of my money on a roadside boat ride
And I pulled its weight for a lifetime
Track Name: Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle
There's poison words just gurgling
At the base of your throat
You swallow them back down
You and yours they pin me down
With nails their grudging hammer falls
Not meant for wedding gowns

And though we won't be there's memories I'll still keep

You're holding hands with some new girl
You braid her hair into curls
Because I set you free
I hope you plan to speak to her
In the sweetest honeysuckle words
Stinging nettle though I'll be

I'm sorry dear with all my heart with
Tears I broke your fragile heart
I opened up your cage
I hope you're well and doing fine
And found a love as pure as mine
We're on a brand new page
Track Name: Smoky Mountain Relapse (Nashville, Let Us Sleep)
Took to the sky in paper planes
We floated away on ocean waves

Left for the mountains on a train
Tell my mother I'll be safe

We walk fast dodging all the shadows
Hold your breath, stay under the streetlights
Let's go back, runnin' for the mountains we came from

We try to sleep inside parked cars
With people yelling from the bars

Neon disaster tangled scars
We scamper hopeless hotel's closed
Track Name: Le Charpentier
Tell the carpenter to up and leave his tools
The winds are blowin' fierce from the north

Down the cellar with a match
The nails and latch will hold us through and through

My feet are cold and wet the rain drips through
Metal glimmering in rows these cans of food

The carpenter he worries for his wife
Twisting water from his soaking shirt and shoes
Track Name: Our Love Was Born in a Factory
Even if I fell in love with you
It wouldn't make us any better off

Just because we're makin' simple shoes
Doesn't mean our lives will turn out wrong

Remember when we biked across town
To meet your lover in a truck

She stayed at home so you could take me down
To shoot some pool out in the sun
Track Name: Apple Blossoms
Apple blossoms tattooed on your arm
We were lichens growin' on the rocks close to the farm

I could never tell you how much I really cared
All the while wearing apple blossoms in my hair

City girl came out to sweep you off your feet
She had diamonds in her hair and diamonds on her feet

You were swept away, you never even thought of me
I was left layin' by the apple blossom tree
Track Name: Somebody Else's
Out on the lake in somebody else's boat
Drivin' around in somebody else's car
Payin' my rent in somebody else's home
Watchin' TV to prove that I'm not alone

Thinkin' 'bout love in somebody else's head
Sleepin' it off in somebody else's bed
Takin' our time drinkin' our coffee black
I don't know when my lover is comin' back
Track Name: Poor Jesus (Lookout!)
A house, a house, that you carved away in heaven
Without a lover or companion
You sit and talk of worldly condemnation
And I doubt your blessed reputation

Poor Jesus lookout, this woman is a crowd

The Earth, the Earth, an ever moving vessel
Against the dirt, the mountains watch them wrestle
And I bathe my skin where Hades flames have risen
The master's kin are headed home from prison
Track Name: The Great Loon's Wild Scream
Cold water of the wild Muskellunge lake
Row farther into all the rippled waves

As we give our chase to the osprey half the day

We listen to the great loon's wild scream
We mimic their calls but don't know what they mean
Track Name: Winter Sister
Winter Winter Winter off you go
And you're takin' with our spirits in the snow

How I long to hang our clothes on the line
But instead we're growin' ice from grape vines

Sister sister sister there you go
For years we lived divided and it shows

On the ground are snowy prints we skip 'round
Just go