The Two EPs

by Simone Morelli

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Debut release by Simone Morelli, an Italian singer-songwriter. Includes his first two EPs recorded at home respectively on 13 April and 16 May 2010.

Drawing influences from American folk music, British psychedelia and Italian music, Simone Morelli presents himself and his songs with “The Two EPs”, a total of eight songs recorded in his bedroom using only his voice, an acoustic guitar and a microphone, in the sole company of his cats (pictured in the cover of the album). Without wanting to sound pretentious: think Jason Molina and Will Oldham at the beginning of their careers.

First EP: tracks 1 to 4.
Second EP: tracks 5 to 8.

(Ignore the "Portugal" tag, Bandcamp automatically attributes that tag to all our releases because we have our location set as Portugal.)


released September 15, 2010

Recorded by Simone Morelli, April-May 2010.




Cakes and Tapes Records Portugal

Cakes and Tapes was a tape label out of Aveiro, Portugal. It's dead now.

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Track Name: A Tale of Two Cities
When the flaming arrows came
and the bells were ringing your name
and the north star moved the same way
down the same way we came
And we built our houses on some prairie road
without that needle in our chest
without the stories we've been told

but o! are we suddenly ready to go?
did they tell you what you want to know?
so they told you to ride, but don't ask them no questions, they'll tell you no lies
and o! are you out in the shivering cold
but if there's a moment a brother should know
you don't get to see us down so take us all out of here

When we dug our shallow graves
and they covered them with dust and sand
and they fixed our eyes and then poisoned our veins
then they poisoned the land
and the sky fell down as you stood by my hand
but we are full grown up men
we take good care of ourselves
for a decision we make there's only broken hearts
and there's sorrow to accept
and it all fell down before our eyes could react
but it's all gone by now
we should have known a lot better than that
Track Name: Lonesome Ghost
The day that you came to me, o lonesome ghost I've been crying on your tomb
you've been my pain and my only flame for all these years
then you took it all back to you

but you know I moved a mountain for you
and I wrecked the cars that surrounded you
but now I'm dying in the webs I did spin

uuh uuh

so don't cry for me lonesome ghost
the river is deep and the road is long
and every way we turn it gets harder
lord I've been trying...
Track Name: The Pendulum
Saviours don't pass by
but nobody cares, nobody gets to try
still everything its in his place
in our serpent hearts, in our ugly faces

but o! we don't get involved
I used to live around the time my parents got to talk
o! we are just a shadow of the world
we wait for something to happen and something to run away from

all of a sudden there was nowhere to run
arrows were beating like the pound of a drum
we got better stuff to talk about and time will show

o! that axe is swinging like a pendulum
we had something way back then, but now we lost it all
Track Name: Trust Us
So trust us, we don't mean to do you any harm
trust us, we don't mean to do you any harm
'cos when you rise
I see you falling when you are rising
I see the deeds of the human race
and they are not that bad
I see the dead moon's a-falling
so lay your weapons down
Track Name: The Pebble and the Devil's Hand
Temples and flames, after the war was lost
the moon above the freighter sets off
that's the poison dart that has made the change
that's the arrow that has been stuck to your chest

does the wolf lie, far away from the fire
does the lonesome pioneer fight for a good cause
does the ship sail away back in time
o! ain't the human race always lying

so watch your back
o! I'm the outcast on the island that makes the compass sway
and no ruin is forgotten, sunk in its past
nor its burned in its ash
that's the poison dart that has made the change
here's the hand that has thrown the spear to your old vampire heart

so lift us up, 'cause we snatched the pebble from the devil's hand
lift us up lift us up before our time runs off
Track Name: The Lantern
Was that a thunder I heard?
soon there will be lightning strike
on the valleys and the lakes, on our shipwrecks
soon we will be out of sight

it was that day you came to me in your voice so warm
you said 'I'd really like to die where I was born
but if the weight of the earth will crush my hollow bones
you know I won't feel a thing, you know I'll be gone by then

so love me wholly 'cause I've been dead before I met you
carry that lantern now
hold up that light above us
Track Name: Raindance
It's all going to the battlefield
I swear I heard the bell call your name
sail to the battlefield
the ship has split the ocean twice
I've been riding through my years in such a little while
that all I've ever seen was just deception
sparkling like broken glass, into the eyes of mine

so we raindance around the red flame
raindance around the flame

lights will blow out when the lightning will strike on our cities
we don't have what it takes
o we've never had what it takes
in this wasteland now
this place has been a wasteland since the day you left

'cause all you wanted us to be was just
Track Name: Night City Queen
Night city queen
all the ghosts stand by your side
and the Knoxville sun will roll upon the horizon line
through the prairie road
where the prairie winds will roar
every sound we hear will make us crawl
but I'm on your side