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To get Brooklyn band POINT REYES off the ground, Asa Horvitz suggested that percussionist Kyle Farrell and cellist Daniel Bindschedler join him in Warsaw, Poland (where he was working supported by a Fulbright grant) to spend four months writing, rehearsing, and giving concerts in a completely foreign environment. Farrell and Bindschedler jumped at the opportunity and in May 2011 the trio moved into a sunny attic loft across from the Vistula river. Throughout the summer of 2011, POINT REYES immersed themselves in Poland: they performed in towns where no Americans had performed before, rehearsed ten hours a day in the basement of the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music, studied Polish, swam in flooded meadows, became obsessed with Communist architecture, played festivals in Krakow and Berlin, collaborated with Polish musicians and theater artists, and wrote and recorded their debut full length album. The project was funded in part by the Fulbright grant awarded to Horvitz. POINT REYES' debut album – the culmination of their time in Poland – will be released on CAKES AND TAPES (Portugal) in January 2012.

We are grateful to the many people who helped to make this recording possible. We would especially like to thank Allen Kuharski, Michal Zadara, Barbara Wysocka & Benjamin, Professor Stanislaw "SCO" Skoczynski, Wilhelm Sasnal, Neil Strauch, Lukash Korczak, Artur Sienicki, Maciej Moruś, Bartosz Weber, Dominik Strycharski, Olga Przybyl, Zofia Przybyl, Maciej Swinoga, Kryzstof Niezgoda & the Niezgoda family, Zielak, Maciek Diduszko, Wojciech Diduszko & Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska, Mariana Sadowska, Kalina Mróz, Justyna Gmitrzuk, Nini Julia Bang, Eliza Rose, Scotia Gilroy, Thymn Chase, John Tarrant, Jack Randall, Nat Baldwin, Elliott Sharp, Hannah Manfredi, Forrest Nash, our families, Dorota Rogowska & everyone else at the Polish-American Fulbright Commission.



released January 12, 2012

Daniel Bindschedler - Cello
Kyle Farrell - Percussion
Asa Horvitz - Voice, Guitars, Laptop

Additional percussion by Helga Przybyl, Zofia Pzybyl and Maciej Swinoga. Clarinet by Jacek Dziolak. Alto recorder by Dominik Strycharski.

Recorded by Asa Horvitz in the "Jazz" Department, Fredryk Chopin Academy of Music, Warsaw, Poland.

Mixed by Neil Strauch and Asa Horvitz.
Mastered by Neil Strauch at Engine Studios, Chicago, IL.
Produced by Asa Horvitz and Neil Strauch.

All lyrics by Asa Horvitz except for "Maine" by Asa Horvitz and Liz Peters. All music by Asa Horvitz, Kyle Farrell and Daniel Bindschedler.




all rights reserved


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Cakes and Tapes was a tape label out of Aveiro, Portugal. It's dead now.

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Track Name: Maine
Smoking constantly
Covered in sex bruises
Terrible weather
Hardly leave the basement
Eating fast-food

My parents built a little house
On the coast in Maine
there I was conceived on Halloween

Welcome back to America
We are from the softest place
We find it where you can't imagine
We are from the softest place

I hope that you find
the scars that are right
And I hope that you find
your initiation's right
Track Name: Białowieża
Wake up my father said
it's time to run
at 5 am the town is silent
waiting for the boots and the guns
First path on your right
past the garbage in the forest
swim to the island in the lake
and hide yourself
They marched our families to the shore
and cut them down
like golden wheat
just out of earshot
if Göring hadn't had his reserve in Bialoweiza
would my grandfather have learned to run like I do?

We went looking for the forest
Seven hours on buses and we couldn't find it
In the ugliest city the walls in my mind
finally crumbled down
Images of models on billboards
Kebab stands and skinheads
What other forest was I looking for?
Once this silent forest covered the whole earth
if Göring hadn't had his reserve in Bialoweiza
would my grandfather have learned to run like I do?
Track Name: Drunksober
When I was a kid I drunk sober I drunk sober I did
Clouds they came, stayed there for a while, untamed me
Ecstatic dance made everything the same
Clouds and the mountains and photos and the death and the feelings

Okay okay okay
I reached the forest
Or the image of the forest
Do we know the difference?

The trees are in bloom
The pigeons are getting fat
Let's not wave our arms for a little bit
And now things they aren't the same to me
Clouds and the mountains and photos and the death and the feelings

Okay okay okay
You are exactly as you are
Everything is as clear as day

We cannot be fooled
Everything is as clear as day
We can be fooled
Everything is as clear as day
We cannot be fooled
Everything is as clear as day
We can be fooled
Everything is as clear as day
And you are exactly as you are
Track Name: Buildings
These are the buildings
Fat and square and ugly
They marched east from Moscow
To Ulan Ude and Beijing
They marched west from Moscow
To Wroclaw and Berlin

In all of these cities they look exactly the same
Oh, "machines for living"

We will bulldoze your village
And you will live in them
Villages of under 1,000
Are completely illogical
I don't care if your grandfather built your house
This is progress

I've got some plans for our old courtyard
360 degrees of concrete
I'm just going to go and sit there
So much surface
Andy would have
Andy would have
Andy Warhol would have loved it

It doesn't matter how they look
It's what you can do in them
You can rehearse a play
Stanislavski did
You can make picked cucumbers
You can make love
You can turn off the television and dance
You can wash your dog

I've got some plans for our new apartment
I'm going to build it out of concrete slabs
From one of those old buildings
Re-use all that energy
Not too much surface
Andy wouldn't have
Andy wouldn't have
Andy Warhol wouldn't have loved it
Oh well
Track Name: Almond Song
Hey there my love
You are California grown
Wild almonds
I left you lying in the field
Just before our dawn

A bear in a zoo cage
Just because you want to look
And look and look and look and now it's sick
With matted hair and dull eyes

Love is something we must do
Not an idea or an image
We must do it differently
If we want the bear to run through the streets of the city
And hide in the kernels of the almonds

I didn't see you for three years
You didn't see me for three years
Track Name: Mall
I went looking for the Brooklyn of Poland
And I found a giant mall
And I wondered
Why does it look exactly like Santa Rosa mall?

Let's go to
Let's go to
Let's go to
Let's go to
Let's go to
Let's go to
Let's go to
Let's go to
Pierre Cardin
Let's go to
Toy Planet
Let's go to
Cheesecake Corner
"Pure Health and Fitness"

I see
Ten nuns
On a shopping spree
Track Name: Ulaanbataar
At first we were singing
With our friends
At first we were singing
With our friends

It was okay
It was okay
It was okay
It was okay

Then I met the man
Who put gold wire through my tongue
In a fit of haze and shame
and a chance of transformation

Ulan Bator
Was the biggest city in the world
Buildings shone with liquid light
Ulan Bator
Was the coldest city in the world
Everybody lived inside

You came to visit me
Wrapped in your brown beauty
A coat from another place
In my cold desert city

I was looking for a coat
To fight the inside cold
Of San Francisco in July
In a side room
Copulated with a naked girl
Thought I'd rather be a woman
So I was
Track Name: Demon Song
Better to have never started
Once you start best to finish
I don't love you I love another
And she is fierce and free
A city by the sea

These demons they are mine
And mine alone
They will live with me my whole life
There's no mistake

In the river and the forest
It's hard not to think of you

Upstairs there was a war
Made you so sad
We can't avoid power in anything we do
I'm sorry sorry

In the river and the forest
It's hard not to think of you

Oh well
I suppose
Control has its downsides
Track Name: Cemetery
I go to the Jewish cemetery in the rain
Hoping for some experience of grace
What do I find but Chasids singing five
All of whom I recognize from Bed-Stuy
Followed me here
Swaying over the grave
of Peretz or Ansky

And I remember the words of a rabbi
G-d is everywhere
Just nowadays nobody knows how to stoop low enough to see him

On the way back in a taxi
I spill breadcrumbs all over the seat
I try to hide this from the driver
I am exhausted, my shoulders hurt
Holy holy holy

And I remember the words of a rabbi
G-d is everywhere
Just nowadays nobody knows how to stoop low enough to see him
Track Name: Movie
In a cold movie theater
In August's hot dry Northern California
Instead of watching the film
Look around you
See the other people
Notice your body in its seat
See the way light from the projector streams
And catches gold dust in its white beam
See the flatness of the screen
See the flatness of the screen
Could you be part of anything
Could you be part of everything