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Crystal Shipsss is a project by Danish songwriter Jacob Faurholt. Yay is Crystal Shipsss’ debut album.


"Fans of earlier Jacob Faurholt albums might be more than just a little estranged by Crystal Shipsss, but anyone who likes his music daring and unconventional will love the unpredictable indie lo-fi psychedelia weirdness of Yay!" 10/10 -disagreement.net

"Yay sports a disarming falsetto throughout from Faurholt and arrangements that emphasize melody and noise in equal measure." -popheadwound.com

"Jacob Faurholt makes lo-fi psych weirdness under the
name Crystal Shipsss. I dig it, but I wouldn’t buy acid
from him." -goldsoundzblog.com?p=3515

- Faurholt has so far released four albums in his own
name and an EP under the moniker Why Write?
- Faurholt is from the small town Aarhus in Denmark, but now lives in Berlin.
- Faurholt has over the years played a long line of concerts. He has shared the stage with names such as The Black Heart Procession, CocoRosie, Efterklang, and Grizzly Bear.


released November 11, 2011

Yay was mastered by James Plotkin, who was contacted because of his work with the Canadian doom / ambient / metal-band Nadja.

Nadja’s music was the key inspiration for the CS song
Burning Kingdom.

All songs were written, recorded, and mixed by Jacob



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Smile
Don’t you curl up inside little girl
I see no reason to hide
Don’t you try to penetrate me
With your little knives
I just want to see you smile
A little smile before we die
Don’t you pull your plaster off
Your leg tonight
I might not be able to
Put it aside
Track Name: Geyser
Dear faithful geyser
Dear faithful geyser
Love, love leaves
the one who cheats
on his wife
Dear faithful geyser
Dear faithful geyser
The child, child screams
when you’re fighting
Tears its lungs apart
Dear faithful geyser
Dear faithful geyser
Let me go
into the snow
Unleash me
Track Name: Uh Huh
I look myself in the mirror
A Shadow emerges from behind
A chill up my spine
A tongue tickles me cheek
Is it you is it
Someone I left behind
Is it you is it
Someone I left behind
I hurry into the bedroom
Is it the horror of the movie?
With the camera eye
With the camera eye
I saw your shadow in the mirror
I beg you to understand
It hurts too much to look at you
Your garden, your children, your new man
Track Name: Romantic
15 seconds in a swimming pool
No heart attack
I’m so happy to be with you
I think you could be happy too
It’s just a matter of getting there
To focus in the night
We should be alone out there
waiting tables in the neon light
Track Name: Crystal Lipsss
I can feel your love, I can feel your love inside of me
I have nervous ticks hanging over my lips but I smile inside
When you’re talking to me, talking to me I feel good
Lightning strikes my skull and I crack like an egg
A bird appears, hello, hello, hello, hello
Track Name: Bloodstained Eyes
Bloodstained eyes
Its all a disguise
The discomfort in my stomach
All thoughts aside
I feel blessed by the beautiful diamond eyes
Track Name: The Jacket
All those mountains I’m letting go
Of the jacket that keeps me from getting cold
Your voice so close to my ear
I hear your screaming in the dark
It was a bad idea
To let you go
Sometimes I hear your voice
It stabs me in my heart
Memories in the dark
Track Name: Burning Kingdom
Your burning spear
Is crossing my throat
A weird moment of joy
You came to see the clouds
Made from the cigarettes
A burning kingdom
Burning kingdom
History is a whore
Burnt all the witches
Raising The Holy Flag
The dusty fields roar
Kill the animals
Make them suffer
A heart attack
You might deserve that
Burning kingdom
Burning kingdom
Hear your people cry
Their silence makes you deaf
Hear my demand
I’m not asking much
Feel the suffering of the few
Who gave their lives
For the guilty
Burning kingdom
Burning kingdom
Give us piece
Raise him like a flag
Let us see him
As he sees us
We won’t hear talk of forgiveness
It not good enough
In a burning kingdom
Burning kingdom
Burning Kingdom
Track Name: Sunshine
She’s so sweet to me
So sweet to me
I want to treat her well
I want to treat her well
Enjoy the sunshine
On our day off
The wind blew off my hat
It went into the ocean
It’s too cold for a swim
It’s too cold for a swim
But I want it back
I want it back
I want it back